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Consumer Electronics Market/Application

The rise of the smart devices has put a huge importance on the lives of people all around the world. With the increasing number of these devices pushing the envelope of traditional high-density interconnection, the need for more advanced and robust PCB has also become more prevalent. Using PCB technology of high density interconnection (HDI) further up to substrate-like-PCB (SLP) becomes the trend in the industry.
The miniaturization of smart devices enables them to meet the increasing complexity of interconnections in order to realize the quantum leap in connectivity.
For devices that have limited geometric capabilities but require high-density smart devices, such as tablets and smartphones, they can be equipped with the printed circuit board technology of JOVEPCB Enterprise Ltd. such as advanced HDI, SLP, Rigidflex, Flex. Also, we mainly focused on the sensing and connectivity part of the IoT market, where our high-density interconnect solutions are ideal for various applications.
The smart devices include product of Internet of Things(IoT) and wearables applications. Both require advanced PCB solutions to support innovative design and capability enhancement.
In smart devices world, we expect wearable devices to be smaller and lighter. They should also feature high-end technology and be made from materials that are more cost efficient. Advanced high-density flexible and rigid PCBs are ideal for a wide range of wearable devices design, including smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles.


Consumer Electronics Market/Application -IoT :

The term Internet of things refers to a network of physical objects, such as sensors, software, and other technologies, that can be
connected to other devices and systems through a variety of communications networks. Although the term Internet of things is
commonly used to refer to a network of devices, it does not require a public internet connection to operate.
The connectivity requirements of the Internet of Things are typically met by the use of flexible, rigid, and flex PCBs. These are ideal for various applications, such as sensors ,wireless modules smart features.
The increasing demand for real-time connectivity is expected to drive the need for more storage power, data processing, and
processing capabilities in the future. It is the driving force behind the development of new applications, such as the Internet of
Things and mobile devices.

Consumer Electronics Market/Application –Fast Charging :

JOVEPCB Enterprise Ltd. provides a wide range of PCB solutions for the domestic market, such as wireless fast charging and terminal products.
The main components of this charger are the charging head net and the core chip. In addition, the horizontal and vertical arrangement of filter capacitors and the minimal design of the input device make it very simple to use. Its also very portable and has various advantages, such as low cost and high performance. 
The cloud silicon XPD720 protocol chip is additionally very simple to use, and the charger can be used with a variety of different types of devices



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